!Iran's truism rising

Attractions of Iran’s tourism industry are drawing a stronger attention now that the country has opened its doors in light of the removal of economic sanctions last month. 
Iran is making a fresh pitch for tourists with the recent lifting of economic sanctions providing an opportunity to cash in, AFP wrote in a report on Thursday.
Tourists, and the healthy revenues they could generate, are among the huge economic changes stemming from the nuclear deal.
Ski resorts, UNESCO-listed world heritage sites and deserts combine with cities steeped in Middle Eastern grandeur and tradition, adds the report.
A tourism push was launched after President Hassan Rouhani came to power in 2013.
Iranian officials have already said that about five million foreign travelers visited Iran in 2014, and that the country aims to attract 20 million tourists, spending $30 billion, by 2025.
Entry procedures have been simplified, meaning visitors from only 11 countries are not eligible for a visa on arrival.
The United States, Britain, Canada and France top the exclusion list but some people will not be put off by the restrictions.
The New York Times earlier this week reported that there has been a surge in bookings for Iran trips by American tourists.

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