Increasing Chines Tourists in Iran

A number of Chinese journalists, tour operators and travel agency representatives have entered Iran's capital city of Tehran.

Scheduled by Iran's Tourism Development Office, a series of Iran briefing tours have been slated to be held for foreign journalists, said Ladan Tehrani, managing director for the Tourism Development Office. 

The tours aim to introduce the true image of Iran, which has been distorted by some media, Tehrani explained, adding that the group plans to visit historical and tourism attractions of the country. 

Consisting of 9 journalists and 13 tour operators, the group will visit Fars, Yazd and Isfahan provinces during a week, Mehr News Agency reported. 

China is a significant market for many countries' tourism markets because of the large number of Chinese tourists in the world. 

To study grounds for cooperation, China's tourism officials will negotiate with Iranian government officials and those in the private tourism sector.

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